To Garage Sell, Or Not To Garage Sell

Growing up garage sells were the hit in my family. We didn’t have a lot of money and they were a chance to go shopping on the cheap. And they were a lot of fun too. They were sort of like a scavenger hunt, and you never knew what you would find.

Now as an adult, established and with a family of my own I find that the idea of garage sells still appeal to me. Now, however I tend to host rather than attend. And I love meeting all of the different types of people that come through our addition. It is partially a chance for people to socialize in our community.

When you decide to have a garage sell you have to anticipate a little work. Sorting out your family’s belongs, what to keep, what to sell and what to give away takes time. But I like to keep the house clean and will usually have one every couple of years.

That said I generally try to only include things that are useful. And while I understand another man or woman’s trash is another man or woman’s treasure I will only include things if they are still useful.

As I said before, with my history of going garage selling as a child the desire to give back is strong.

I have a little checklist of things that I will go over mentally when I add them to the sell pile.

  1. Is it in good condition?
  2. Is it useful?
  3. Would I buy it at a garage sell?

If the answer is yes then I will go ahead and include it. I also usually do a free pile for things that don’t make the grade.

Once that is finished I will contact my friends and ask them if they would like to be included. If you can get a couple of people together you can garner more attention. Instead of one small table you can have a couple of larger ones that draw more attention.

I am lucky because my community offers a week for garage sells in the Summer. This means that more attention is paid to them around that time and you can usually get a better turn out.

If you are thinking about having a garage sell I hope that this has given you some insight into them.

For Super Moms Around The World

Alright, so I have been busy. I am sure that you have noticed. Or not. That is the think with being a mother isn’t it? You would think that we’re given another set of hands once we start a family. I am sure that you know what I mean. It seems like you can be in the middle of preparing supper when the phone rings. It is the woman from the HOA and they want to know if you will be attending next weeks meeting, you would love to but there is soccer practice to go to and you have a doctor’s appointment to take your mother to. In the mean time your children have run through the kitchen and sneaked (or not so sneakily) a taste of tonight’s dessert.

Then you have to get them feed and ready for bed. Hubby needs his attention to and finally you sag into bed at 11 PM tired. Then the alarm goes off and you do it all over again.

The daily life of a suburban housewife is one of those roles that everyone seems to take for granted and yet would hardly last a day in the job.

And yet I have still found a few minutes time to sneak on here and share some of my recipes.

Honestly, I am glad that I had a chance to type some of them off. They may be better preserved like this, and they may have a chance to live on. I am a notorious recipe collector. In fact I have several volumes of them. They are in every direction. But my favorite ones are the ones that are tasty, who would have thought, and easy. This double team combination gives you a great chance to save a few minutes of your precious time and please the family as well.

I hope that you will have a chance to try the ones that appeal to you. And if you have some that you feel would make a good addition feel free to share.

To Start

There are a lot of things that you need to do when you start something new. When you begin things seem strange, mysterious, maybe even hard. That is at first. But as you try them the more normal they become, the less mysterious, and then at last they are easier if not even trivial to complete.

This same formula can be used to describe just about anything that we begin.

This website is new to me. The act of writing this openly with you and expressing different ideas that are, while a part of who I am, a challenge to get onto the page. This will of course become easier as we move forward together with one another. You will bare witness to a change it quality and skill, an improvement in the overall experience which in turn generates a sense of growth.

Growth is something that we will be doing a lot of as mothers, it is something that we will be witnessing a lot of in our children and it is something that will never stop amazing me.

The post that you have just read is a start. The first toe in the water of the new world that I have just entered.

I never thought that I would one day be doing this. The idea of writing a blog would have been just as mystical as celebrating a baby shower, giving birth, and caring for a child. But like with all things it is something that you can learn, grow and expand. These first simple attempts will soon grow into full strides.

And I hope to walk together with you. The start is always the most difficult part.