Burgers Under the Clouds

I don't know about you, but burgers are such a common food that it is hard to find one that really stands out. I have eaten burgers from the dollar range to well over $20 and I haven't encountered one that really makes me thing, "wow, this is better than mine." Don't get me wrong I have had some good ones, just never and great ones.

And fries are on the fence. I have had some great ones when eating out but I can also make some great fries with my air fryer so it is split.

When I make burger patties I will season them to my taste and then to ensure that they are going in the right direction I'll take a bit of it and make a small ball and fry it. If I need to re-season I'll do it until I am happy, then they go in the frig. The longer you let them sit (within reason) the more they will have a chance to develop a flavor regardless of the type of flavoring you use.

When I was growing up the summers saw us eating a lot of burgers, chips and baked beans with bacon on picnics. It was a nice way to get out and enjoy nature and one another's company. Then I would go and play in the fields, meadows, or forest. It was great fun in the country.

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