About Sip Bench

When I first came to the idea of creating a spot for mothers, or parents in general, mainly mothers though it seemed like the need was filled. But when I looked around, the different sites weren’t that personal. They felt more like one of the magazines that I purchase at the store. Of course that is their shiny source of inspiration, but I wanted to create something else.

If I am anything it is down to earth. And it is that same quality that I want to share on the site.

The goal is to create a place for you to go. And while it isn’t going to be a Q and A it is sometimes just nice to have a place to go and enjoy the moment. Learn something new. And maybe even find a new recipe that you can work into your meals.

I have several hundred recipes that I am in the process of typing off and put them into a format hat makes them easy to review. I know that there are plenty of sites out there that fill this role, but what I like to focus on is a meal that is quick. That gives you a chance to get a few moments in for yourself. This isn’t easy to say about a lot of the recipes that I have found. They often look like a work of art, and like a work of art they take a longtime to cook. Of course I am not able to tell you the calories per portion and stuff like that the other recipe sites offer. This is mainly because I don’t know, and I am not a recipe site.

Those are just a couple things that I want to work toward. They are the goal that I will work toward. But I also don’t intend to be that rigid and other topics will certainly find their way into the mix.

So grab the sippy cup and site back and join me on the bench!